25 Jun 2009

Ordered by Nuha Willis

Order ni from Nuha after came back from her wedding's holiday.. Ini untuk dijadikan souvenir kepada officemate yang attended for her wedding actually kat Kuala Lipis, 06-06-09 (lawa date ko ni nuha..jeles nyer..) She did order this type of packaging for 80pcs.. thanks Nuha for keep supporting me!!! May Allah keep blessing you with His RRahmah! insya Allah!

2 ulasan:

cathrin berkata...

Crispy looking snacks...what is the recepie... could you tell.me

cathrin disusa
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-d.i.y.a.n.a @ RiangRasa- berkata...

Thank you for leaving your msg.

The recipe is quite straight fwd:-
- spring rolls skin
- Fish Floss

That's all.